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Recurrent, Initial and Conversion Training For Pilots

ePiloting is a British training platform created exclusively for airlines with the aim to seriously reduce training costs while delivering compliant high-quality training standards.

Using ePiloting In Your Airline

Join Over 2000 Airline Pilots Using ePiloting Training


The Essential Course Package

We have put in place a flight crew training package of 15 essential courses that will keep your crew refreshed and to meet competent authorities requirements.

Our package comes with Free LMS for the training department to help manage training records, store certificates and enrol crew members as they come and go.

How It Works?

  1. Fill-in basic information using the “Get Started” form, this will help us asses your requirements.
  2. We will respond to you by email and provide you with the best price based on your crew size.
  3. A temporary demo link will also be sent in our email, this will help you get the real picture.
  4. If you are happy to proceed, we will create your airline account, assign courses, enrol your crew and you are ready to go.

Compliance & Approvals



We are an online system and courseware provider that supply airlines with the training service to help achieve and maintain ground training requirements. Based on EASA requirements, our activity do not require an approval. However, airlines using our service must include their training as part of the approval they hold with local authorities and aviation industry regulators. Our airline members have achieved 100% success in satisfying local authorities in their relevant countries.



Our courses and training method strictly follow EASA or ICAO compliance guidelines, this include the actual content of the training module and the steps taken to accomplish a compliant training. For example, training modules presented in a progressive sequence starting with the first module and followed by the rest, the test is not available until all modules are completed.

How You Achieve Certification?

Study & eLearning Modules

Web-based training, easy to follow “Real-Person" narrated eLearning modules.


Guided visual and voice exercise to improve awareness.


Final assessment test, also called competency test, usually consist of 20 multiple-choice questions pulled out of a pool and controlled by a time limit.


Certificate awarded upon achieving the passing grade.

Budget Friendly Pricing

Our pricing will seriously reduce your volume training costs taking into account new crew joining or leaving your company.

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