eLearning in Aviation

eLearning or sometimes called eTraining found to be the most effective and cost saving method to keep your crew current, and most of all it’s now approved by most authorities throughout the world.

Airline Operators can take full advantage of ePiloting rich-featured system to reduce heavy training costs, raise the standard of crew members and view and manage training records with ease and accuracy.

ePiloting eLearning Components

Web-based Training (WBT)

This is the training starting point, all courses and training modules presented in a high-definition video footage especially designed by experienced training pilots and follow regulators guidelines with a real person classroom like voice instructions.

Refresher Exercise

The exercise aims to refresh the pilot knowledge and improves response speed by spotting the correct answer in good time. It is friendly and straight forward practice that may help to raise the piloting skills and prepare for the final competency test.

Competency Test

This is the real thing! After completing the training and ready to take the test, the pilot heads on and attempt a multiple-choice test, the test usually comprises of 20 multiple-choice questions pulled out of a pool of more questions and displayed randomly so no two pilots get the same set.


Upon completing the test successfully and achieving the passing grade, a certificate automatically issued and stored in the system. The pilot or the Training Manager can easily download a PDF copy of the certificate. In some cases we can insert the signature of the Training Manager or any authorised personnel on the certificate to validate for filing within the company.

The Sky is The Limit