Our objective is to reduce your training costs at the same time giving you the freedom to enrol or remove crew as they come and go.

Airline Package: All 15 Courses

Annual Price Per Pilot: 150*

This is equivalent to Approx. US$160 or GB£120

*Additional 10% discount may apply for large group of pilots.

Individual Training

Its cheaper to get the whole package

"Pick & Choose" specific courses, please view our price guide per course per pilot.

# Course Description Price
1. PBN Course Performance Based Navigation €60
2. UPRT Course Upset Prevention & Recover Training €60
3. LVO Course Low Visibility Operations €60
4. RVSM Course Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum €60
5. CWO Course Cold Weather Operations €60
6. TCAS Course Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System €60
7. GRF Course Global Reporting Format (Runway Contamination) €70
8. TWAS Course Terrain Avoidance Warning System €40
9. AvS Course Aviation Security €70
10. AvFA Course Aviation First Aid €40
11. SMS Course Safety Management System €50
12. Pilot Incapacitation Course Pilot Incapacitation €30
13. Wind Shear Course Wind Shear €30
14. Volcanic Ash Course Volcanic Ash €30
15. FRM Course Fatigue Risk Management €40
What our customers say:

“Excellent training material with detailed content, easy to use and saved us time and money”.

Capt. S. Jumaily

Senior Training Captain

“Very good price with no compromise on quality”.

Capt. J. McBride

Ex FOM – GainJet Aviation

“From training point of view, I am impressed with the standard of training”.

Capt. A. Wahabi

Training Captain – Ex Etihad Airways

“Quick support when we need it, overall outstanding product and service”.

Capt. D. Kehayas

Training Manager – Lifeline Aviation

"Best material we have seen around”.

Capt. K. Aziz

FOM & Training Manager – Global Aviation

“Very good price for the number of courses offered, give it thumbs up”.

Capt. M. Nayla

Ex Virgin Atlantic

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