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About ePiloting

ePiloting is a British aviation training platform owned and operated by FlightMove Ltd., registered in the United Kingdom. We currently provide training requirements to over 2,000 airline pilots serving in a range of airlines from business jet operators to larger national carriers.

Our Story

Back in 2009, a group of pilots working for a corporate jet company in Europe, realised the need for ground training for about 40 pilots operating within the company. In those days where most training was done in-house through an instructor, and the difficulty of gathering everybody around was also not so easy, some pilots were away from base, others live in other countries and was expensive to fly them in. The solution came with a simplified idea… doing it through the Internet! However, there were problems like local CAA approvals for this method of training. All was achieved and a simple system was borne within months. Other companies found out about our system and showed interest, the growth began around 2011. Courses were created and increased rapidly, revised and updated again and again, and approvals were in place. Some of those pilots still working with ePiloting and our service expanded serving many airlines today… and the rest is history.

Working Together

Our aim is to reduce costs and simplify training practices for airlines. Our unique way of integrating your airline corporate image throughout the training as well as routine management tasks such as record keeping, certification, expiry dates and automated reminders automatically sent to your crew, makes ePiloting system stand alone in a class above the rest.

Going Forward

We are always focusing to improve and introduce newer technologies for the future and keep up with rapidly changing environments, so you can be rest assured that our development does not stop and keep growing with your airline needs.