The sky is the limit

Why The Full Package? is a UK based crew training portal owned and operated by FlightMove Ltd. We currently serve a range of airlines from business jet operators to larger national carriers with their eLearning training requirements. Our customers are located in various geographical areas including Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world.

Our eLearning system was created with an aim to reduce costs and simplify training practices for airlines. We have put together a team of experienced pilots, aviation professionals and IT specialists to achieve those goals.

Unlike other platforms, our unique way of integrating your airline corporate image throughout the training, as well as routine management tasks such as record keeping, certification, expiry dates and automated reminders automatically sent to your crew, makes ePiloting system stand alone in a class above the rest.

We are always focusing to improve and introduce newer technologies for the future and keep up with rapidly changing environments, so you can be rest assured that our development does not stop and keep growing with your airline needs.