Performance Based Navigation

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In-depth coverage of the PBN/RNAV subject, presented in 4 modules, each module is designed to include its applicable topics to keep the flow of learning simple and easy to follow.

The course follows EASA and/or ICAO guidelines with enhanced framework and real-person narration. The course will help to widen your understanding and refresh your knowledge for the basic and precision area navigation, and prepare you for the renewal of your recurrent training cycle.

Course Modules:

Duration: 1h:36m

Flight Crew: Initial/Conversion/Recurrent

Compliance: EASA-Air Operation Part SPA, and ICAO Document 9613

  1. Module (1): Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).
  2. Module (2): PBN Operations.
  3. Module (3): RNAV Waypoints SIDs & STARs.
  4. Module (4): Operating Procedures.

Please see below for "Topics Covered".

Here is how you achieve your certification

Training Modules

1h:36m web-based training of 4 modules, must be taken in sequence to satisfy compliance.

Practice Exercise

Practical verbal exercise to recap eLearning, real person voice guidance with multiple-choice questions.

Competency Test

Final assessment, 20 multiple choice questions randomly presented out of a pool of questions with a passing grade of 75%.


Competency certificate is awarded upon achieving the passing grade.

Topics Covered:

  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).
  • GNSS Augmentation Systems.
  • Area Navigation (RNAV).
  • RNP (Required Navigation Performance).
  • Performance Base Navigation (PBN).
  • ANP (Actual Navigation Performance).
  • (2D & 3D) Instrument Approach Operation.
  • Advance A- RNP.
  • RNAV Waypoints.
  • RNAV SIDs and STARs.
  • TMA Operation.
  • Operating Procedures.
  • Management of the Navigation Database.
  • Arrival and Approach.

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